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 Cup of China, 6.11. - 9.11.

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PostSubject: Re: Cup of China, 6.11. - 9.11.   09.11.08 13:08

Ninchen wrote:
I just watched the FD and I still don't like Domnina/Shabalin, sorry...! Again I tried to be objective to see what people like about them, but for me it's just too much of everything. I can't see any emotions, everything seems kind of forced and artificial to me.

I think that the bit in bold describes Domina & Shabalin very well.

Back to Jeremy Ten, I have just seen a youtube video of him @ SC & am impressed! He doesn't spin as fast as Neil used to (but only Lambiel ever did that!) but is a lovely skater, I think he fell on the flip that day because he rushed it. Neil wasn't in the K&C with him on this occasion (Joanne MacLeod & another guy were) but he & Joanne were with him at Nationals. Counting back, I think that Neil is about 30 now.....he was 17 at 1996 worlds in Edmonton. I may have a new favourite Canadian skater - my last one was Brian Orser (though I liked Sebastien Britten too)!!!


"I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book" - Groucho Marx

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PostSubject: Re: Cup of China, 6.11. - 9.11.   09.11.08 13:52

Quote :
again it's creative and what an alternative to all this classical stuff and the flood of tangos this season greensmilewinkgrin

oh yes! you are totally right on that Malgosia!
It's the same with the music for the ladies this year. One classic song after an other...

you're right Nina! It looks like they have a to do list everytime they are on ice. Like do the twizzle; ok that's done, do a lift try to smile tadada. that's done. yes I quess forced is the right word for it.

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James Bond

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PostSubject: Re: Cup of China, 6.11. - 9.11.   09.11.08 14:12

I've watched only men's LP from CoC but the whole cast of this event wasn't my favourite so I didn't miss that much.
I must only mention that I loved Jeremy Ten (gonna start watching him closer from now on) and he along with Kris were my absolute favourites of men competition. I'm also very glad that Tomas managed to finally get to podium, but still, it's not the Tomas I'm used to seeing.
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PostSubject: Re: Cup of China, 6.11. - 9.11.   09.11.08 15:16

Congrats to Jeremy Abbott!!I also very much LOVED Kristoffer's new LP....its always such a blast to watch his programmes Razz ...he's just the best entertainer!!And I guess it wont be a surprise,if I say that despite of the fall,I very much adored Tomas's tango and just can repeat myself....that I'm so in love with that program of his,from the choreo till the step sequenses I love you !!This quad was just AWESOME!!He did a great fight out there and had a great presence on ice,also if it wasn't his best!!

I had no chance to watch the Free Dance yesterday(but taped it)!!Will do so now!!

Thanks for the pics Iza bisousfleurs !!

Carr wrote:
, but still, it's not the Tomas I'm used to seeing.
I totally agree ,but I think at this stage of the season it doesn't matter much!!He answers to that in this ISU article:"Verner, who stood in fourth place after a disappointing performance in the Short Program, rallied back with a passionate Tango routine. He landed an excellent quadruple toeloop – the only quad in the competition – and five triples including a triple Axel and a triple Lutz-triple toeloop combination. The European Champion fell on a triple flip attempt and doubled his second Lutz, but moved up to the podium with 139.93 points (65.13/75.80) in the Free Skating and 205.48 overall. "This was the first quad done in the program this season", Verner said. "It was not my best, but to skate my best in my first Grand Prix was not my goal. The goals lie somewhere else.""
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PostSubject: Re: Cup of China, 6.11. - 9.11.   

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Cup of China, 6.11. - 9.11.
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