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 About Fiction....

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PostSubject: About Fiction....   25.09.10 2:23

I know we have several members who regularly read novels and other kinds fiction, so I thought it would be a good idea to create a thread to discuss the kinds of things which go into writing it. A few of you know that I write fiction, although I'm, as yet, unpublished....oh, well, lol. In any case as I'm preparing to tackle the first draft for a new novel some questions popped into my head about what draws me into any story. I thought I'd ask all of you these questions.

How long does it take you to identify with the main character and care about him/her?

What happens in a story to make you reach the point of caring about the main character, or any of the other characters? Does this take place fairly fast or does it take awhile? Would you provide some expamples of characters you've loved and how long it took you to care what happened to them in their stories.

Do you read fiction to get into the plot or to find out about the main character and what happens to him/her? Do you develop this caring due to the emotions the character displays or the events which befall the him/her?

Who was the most evil character in the stories you've read and what made him/her evil in your way of thinking? Was it his/her actions that were repulsive or his emotions? Did your distaste the character develop over time or was there one crutial event which pushed you over the edge?

Your answers and comments will be greatly appreciated.

Mary C.

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About Fiction....
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