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Empress of Image

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PostSubject: Re: Jumps   01.12.08 12:25

Thanks a lot , Rach !!!! it's interesting !!! Very Happy
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The Mission

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PostSubject: Re: Jumps   23.12.08 15:09

Boy, and I was glad to have finally landed a Waltz jump. (I'm only a beginner and train just once a week).
Hats off to you, Rach.
After reading all this I do finally realize why I like to do it on my right outside edge. Because then I jump clock-wise! And I'm left-handed! It so makes sense to me now. I finally understand why I don't like to turn counter-clockwise like the others...with anything basically! I always figured my left-handedness had something to do with it, but then again I don't always like to take of from my left leg (do I do prefer to do things on my left leg when done on a straight line!). But now I understand that it has to do with the direction I'm going in and that I'm not the only one who likes it clock-wise! So I'm not weird after all. Smile
And I'm glad to hear that lots of you do not hear what your coach is saying when your actually performing the movement either!!! I always have to stop and ask them to repeat what they just said.
My additional problem is that I do hear what he is saying when I'm standing still, I just don't get it, because I can't picture the movement, and even him showing me doesn't always work, because then I can't FEELwhat it feels like... It's so annoying...I need the full-experience to know what to do, but I can't process him talking to me and me doing it at the same time... Does anyone have the same problem? The only thing that helps is when they take me by the hand, to steer me in the right direction and then and talk me through it while I'm doing it veeeery slowly. Embarassed But it looks so stupid to be taken by the hand all the time when you're an adult!!! Plus, there are more pupils they need to focus on. And when they only tell me what to do I just find it hard to process that information and remember it and I get so frustrated, because some of the others can do it straightaway... Mad
Sometimes though when I have the opportunity to practice on my own I finally start to understand what they mean (and usually that in reality it is not that hard after all), but it can take weeks or even months before I finally have that Ahah moment. And then from then on it's really easy. Am I the only one who's like that? That sometimes you just need to figure it out for yourself in order to get the FEEL of the movement?
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ma gueule

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PostSubject: Re: Jumps   28.12.08 2:16

Rose, you are not unusual at all! Smile There are alot of skaters like you. Some people learn the best visually, but alot of beginning skaters really need to be "steered in the right direction," like yourself. So, definitely nothing to feel bad about, although I know that learning to skate can be frustrating, because not only does it require intricate movements made with your entire body, it also requires correct timing and feel for the skill. It takes time, so don't lose heart! It's great that you're skating! I think adult skaters are awesome, because it shows that you really enjoy the sport enough to pursue it and make learning it a reality, for yourself. sunny Keep up the good work! :super:
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PostSubject: Re: Jumps   01.01.09 0:43

but it can take weeks or even months before I finally have that Ahah moment. And then from then on it's really easy. Am I the only one who's like that? That sometimes you just need to figure it out for yourself in order to get the FEEL of the movement?

That is utterly normal. And I assure you that the case is the same whether you are working on a waltz jump or a triple lutz.

For my part, I cannot stand to have my coach say anything to me when I am doing an element. I cannot process this, and generally will lose my position and fall. She knows this now, and has learnt not to shout corrections for me. I take my corrections after I've completed an element. It's completely fine to have your coach help you through a movement; don't be embarrassed. We all learn like this, and that you are an adult makes you no different in this regard! It's also normal that watching a demonstration does not confer automatic mastery; if it did we'd all be doing quads. (That said, don't underestimate the value of watching demonstrations, and focusing in on the one or two areas that you need to improve... I literally DID learn quads like that.) You need to focus on one part of the body at a time, be it torso, arms, hips, etc... and of course, you need a lot of repetition. When you are just starting out, it is important that a coach can watch you and make corrections where needed - you likely won't be able to feel what you are doing wrong, and you especially do not want to fall into bad habits that will make things very difficult later.

I hope that I could help, and if you need anything, please do ask.
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PostSubject: Re: Jumps   

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