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 Some Basics...

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ma gueule

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PostSubject: Some Basics...   06.01.07 20:09

Hi all!

Okayyy, you asked about basic skating... First, I just want to say, that I will try to explain everything the best I can over the internet. But always be very careful when trying any skating moves!! Always use caution and good judgement when skating- and never ever lean backwards...

-One basic principal in skating is that when you are gliding /skating forwards, your ballance should be on the middle/back of the blade, and when skating backwards, on the ball of your foot, front of the blade. This is because there is a tiny curve in the blade that curves upward toward the toe pick. If you are skating forward and lean too far forward, that curve in the blade can take you right up to your toe pick, and before you know it, you can trip over it. But when you are backwards, you need to be balanced over that front part of the blade, so as not to fall backwards.

-One of the first things that we teach basic skills students to do is to "march" on the ice. This helps them to get the feel for picking their feet up and moving on the ice somehow. When marching, you must stand pretty straight, with your arms out for ballance. Pick up one foot by bending the knee as you lift it up, and your toe pick will be the last part of your foot to leave the ice. When you step down with that foot, be careful not to step the foot too far in front of you, as you don't want to step the heel down first, like walking. The feet should hit the ice fairly flat, underneath your body.. Be careful not to lean forward, back, or side to side as you do this. Basically keep your body as still and balanced right over your feet as possible- just as someone in a marching band marches- but you don't have to bring your knees up as high as they do.

-To glide on two feet, after you get yourself moving a little with the marching, you should put both of your feet on the ice, a little distance apart. While gliding, try to stay steady over the middle/back of your blades; try to avoid any rocking motion over the blade.

-Another basic move is called a "swizzle". It is done by using the inside edges (which are located on the side of the insides/arches of your feet) by first putting your heels together, then, keeping both feet on the ice, bend your knees and ankles. (it's very important to bend at the ankle, even though you will feel resistance in the top of your boot against your shin. But press down against that resistance as much as you can, even though it's uncomfortable. If you bend your knees without bending the ankles, you will likely end up ballanced too far back on your heel. So always bend the ankle when bending!) Push the feet a little bit apart, keeping your center of ballance between them. Then pull them back in to a two foot glide, gradually straightening the knees slightly as you do so. (do not completely lock the knees, though.) Be careful to not bring your feet in front of your upper body when you pull them back together- they should come in right underneath you. When trying these, sometimes kids lock their knees, tip forward, and bring their feet in too far in front of their bodies, so then they are ballanced too far back over their heels- so you want to try to avoid that. Keep your upper body over the motion of the feet as you go forward, so that the upper body doesn't get "left behind", lol.
When completed, the edging marks left on the ice look like the shape of a lemon.
Also be careful not to lean too far forward, over the toe picks, while doing this move.
Once you get used to doing one and gliding, then you can do several in a row- pushing your feet out after each glide to create another lemon shape.

These first moves assist in working towards greater ballance on the ice, to build up towards proper stroking, which I can talk about more next time...
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Lord of the Dance

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PostSubject: Re: Some Basics...   07.01.07 7:59

Wow, thank you so much hugs

I tried to imagine what a swizzle looks like, and the only thing that came to my mind is - what Brian was showing to the children at the open rink in Poitiers. Is that it?
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PostSubject: Re: Some Basics...   07.01.07 13:48

:super: :super:

"Heidi's Figure Skating courses in only 4 steps"

Excellent ! ^_^
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Lord of the Dance

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PostSubject: Re: Some Basics...   07.01.07 13:58

Wow, thank you Heidi! :Merci2:
I'll print this and take it with me at the rink LOL Very Happy
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The Mission

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PostSubject: Re: Some Basics...   23.12.08 15:29

Ahh, I think we call a swizzle a "visje", wich means "little fish", because of the trace it leaves on the ice, mabe that helps you to imagine it! (Oh, wait I just saw that this thread is rather old, so this reaction is quite late....well, reall late!
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J'ai demandé à la lune

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PostSubject: Re: Some Basics...   14.06.12 19:10

haha here in Greece we call a swizzle a lemon because of the trace it leaves Razz I've learned swizzles on my first figure skating lesson Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Some Basics...   15.06.12 12:13

Thank you thanks
Now I know the thing I did a couple of years ago was ''swizzle'' cheers Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Some Basics...   

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Some Basics...
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